YouTubers Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Popular YouTubers from different demographics have come together to donate to help rebuild the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey. Some YouTubers simply have donated cash, done charity videos / streams, while others have loaded up trucks and drove down their to help first hand.

Leading the online donation charge is Keemstar, the host of DramaAlart – a popular YouTube channel that documents the drama going around YouTube. Keemstar and his team claim they have done research to find the best charity to donate to online. Keemstar posted this video, regarding his selection of the charity team, Team Rubicon.


Keemstar’s video drove so much traffic to the Team Rubicon website that it actually crashed only a couple hours after being posted. Taking Keemstar’s word regarding the charity many popular YouTubers have chose to donate to his fund.

  • Lyricoldrap  $1,000
  • BridgetteWest – $1,000
  • McJuggerNuggets – $500
  • RomanAtwood – $5,000
  • Chaosxsilvencer – $100
  • Kosdff – $100
  • Ricegum – $696

We are sure there are many more YouTubers donating money, these are just the ones who donated to Keemstar’s / Team Rubicon’s Hurricane Harvey relief fund as of 3:00 PM PST on 9/1/2017. You can find a link to the fund that is currently at $17,000 here: DramaAlert News Team’s Rubicon Fund

Instead of donating money, popular YouTuber Jake Paul and his group of YouTubers called Team 10, have loaded up the truck and jet ski’s and headed down to Houston to help first hand. You can check out some of Jake Paul’s YouTube videos documenting their experience down there in Houston below:

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