Top Things Men Hate About Other Men

For majority of men, getting along with other men is no problem. However, all guys have things that they hate about other men. We’ve compiled a list from all around the web of the top things men hate about other men.

  • One-uppers! Yeah that guy that has done everything you have ever done, just done it a little more or a little better. Yeah that guy can go ahead and screw off.
  • Multiple personality guy. Yeah that guy is is totally a bro whenever you two are watching football, but turns into a total dick in front of women as if he’s trying to impress them. Or maybe the guy that likes to ride his bike during the week but after having a couple beers out at the bar wants to fight everybody; split personalities are the worst.
  • The guy that won’t leave your girl alone. Yeah I get it, my girlfriend is hot, but she is mine. Nobody likes the guy that doesn’t take no for an answer and constantly tries to hit on other guys girlfriends.
  • Real men don’t wear pink. You know the guy that wears the same smelly flannel, has a crusty bear, and is always telling you that you are too feminine. Nobody likes the guy that makes fun of you for putting gel in your hair, or wearing that pink shirt your kids got you, or driving a more practical car instead of a lifted diesel.

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