RiceGum Most Popular Tweets of 2017

RiceGum is a popular YouTuber who has grown exponentially in 2017. As of right now his videos are averaging roughly 5 millions views each, and he is about to pass 1 billion total views. RiceGum most recently grew to fame with his music video titled “It’s Everynight Sis” featuring Alissa Violet – where he takes some shots at Alissa’s ex-boyfriend, popular YouTuber Jake Paul. The video is currently about to hit 80 million views, and has been reacted to on almost every single reaction channel.

With RiceGum’s YouTube growth, his twitter has grown as well. RiceGum is quickly approaching 2 million Twitter followers. Here are some of RiceGum’s most popular Tweets of 2017.


RiceGum fans are extremely dedicated, and a lot of them would go to great lengths to get a follow. This is a pretty typical tweet from RiceGum, and every single time it generates a ton of engagement.

This is the second most popular RiceGum tweet of 2017, essentially the same as the previous one. There are plenty of tweets like this that top the list of RiceGum 2017 most popular tweets. After these two, we will skip the ones of the “who wants a follow” nature.


This tweet really took off – it was tweeted right in the middle of Erika Costell subtweeting Alissa Violet. Allisa is the ex-boyfriend of Jake Paul who is dating RiceGum’s room mate FaZe Banks, Erika Costell is the current girlfriend of Jake Paul & current Team 10 member. This tweet caused quite a stir by all of the younger team 10 members as they argued with Rice supporting their favorite YouTube team, Team 10.


After the success of Team 10, many YouTubers are essentially trying to put together teams of YouTubers that support eachothers content. You can think of the Team 10 business model as something along the lines of a YouTube version of “Jersey Shore”. Clout Gang is the RiceGum + FaZe Banks + Alissa Violet version of a YouTube team.


After Team 10 members showed up at RiceGum’s house when he wasn’t there RiceGum took to twitter to embarrass the two members, Change & Anthony. Ofcourse Team 10 tried to manipulate the tweet and make it seem as if RiceGum is homophobic, however, Rice quickly dismissed that in a follow up tweet.

You can check out a full list of the most popular RiceGum tweets of 2017 here on FollowFly.co

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