PUBG Stream Honkers – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

If you play video games I am sure you have heard of Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds. It’s a massive multiple online shooter game where players parachute to the ground either in solo or team play. Once you are on the ground the object is to survive. You do this by finding loot (weapons, helmets, backpacks, armor, and ammo), and then taking out your opponent. Only one team or person wins the game, the winner is the last team standing or last player standing, depending if you are playing group play, or solo play. You can achieve survival by hiding and taking out the final opponent, or running around and killing everybody you see. Either way, to achieve either you don’t necessarily want your opponent to know where you are. That’s why the below video of the “stream honkers” it quite hilarious.

Check it out, as some of your favorite Twitch streamers get their game play “ruined” by random players driving nearby honking making it almost impossible to hear what’s going on. Some streamers find it hilarious, while other get quite defensive. Some of the streamers included in the video that you may know are Dr. Disrespect, Mr. Grimmz, Anthony Kongphan, and Ninja.

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