Problems With Dating a Girl Way Hotter Than You

A recent reddit post asked men who are dating to or married to extremely hot women, what problems they face. Now I know exactly what you’re thinking, majority of people answering random reddit questions on the internet have no shot at dating a girl way hotter than them, WRONG. The reddit post received almost 200 responses and was the top post for quite some time.

Here are some common problems with dating a girl way hotter than you:

  • Personal Confidence. If your girl is way hotter than you and constantly getting attention from other guys it will start to wear at your personal confidence. Just remember, she chose you to begin with, so don’t try and change yourself or compare yourself to other guys.
  • She will get extra attention. One thing you need to realize is that she didn’t become really good looking overnight. She is used to get the extra attention, and to her it really doesn’t mean to much – even if it annoys you at first.
  • Jealousy / Trust issues. You know what it’s like being a guy, and you know how nasty other guys are sometimes. Trusting her to go out with friends and do things on her own can be hard. This ties back in with your confidence, if you are showing her that you are jealous; it will make her think that you don’t trust her. Trust is a very important part of any relationship so try not to mess that up!

A lot of other people commented that they have no problems at all. So it’s safe to say that if a girl way hotter than you is into you, go for it; as if we even had to tell you!

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