Belicheck Explains Gameplan for Defending Julio Jones in Superbowl

Bill Belicheck is known to most as one of the greatest active NFL coaches, and one of the top coaches of all time. Belicheck has won multiple superbowl titles with New England Patriots, and has put together quite a good coaching staff to help him. Belicheck’s philosophy has always been, shut down what the other team does best and make them uncomfortable. Coming into the Superbowl the Patriots were looking to shut down the Atlanta Falcon’s star receiver, Julio Jones.

After noticiting a mid-late season foot injury to Julio Jones the Patriots noticed the star receiver was running a very limited set of routes, and running certain ones better than the other. However, in the Superbowl that all changed and led to the Patriots having to make some very major adjustments. You can catch the clip of Belicheck, and other Patriots coaches talking about how to guard Julio Jones below.


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