5 Pictures That Will Make Your Palms Sweat (Vol 2) – People on Tall Buildings

Terrified of heights? Get sweaty palms and anxiety seeing people do stupid things? Then this might be the post for you. People go to the extreme to reach social media fame, taking extreme pictures that could end up costing them their lives. Here is part 2 of our series “Pictures That Will Make Your Palms Sweat“, People on Tall Buildings edition.

This is a picture taken by a famous Instagram model Angela Nikolau. Angela has amassed over 450,000 followers on instagram and 6,000 subscribers on YouTube by capturing these heart dropping pictures.


This picture was taken by a cell tower repair man. Somebody has to do God’s work so that we can have 4G LTE coverage!

Air conditioner not working? Don’t call the repair man grab your heavier best friends and a ladder and fix it yourself!

So you just got a new loft and are throwing a house warming party but a bird took a shit on your window. Might as well risk your life to clean the windows instead of waiting for the monthly cleaning.

This is the last one in our second edition of “Pictures That Will Make Your Palms Sweat” and as a matter of fact, this one is fake. You can see how the photographer used an illusion to capture this photo here.

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